Spatial Planning in Germany. Structure and Concepts

Gerd Turowski (Ed.)
Spatial Planning in Germany. Structure and Concepts
ISBN 3-88838-229-7
ISSN 1619-1986
Sprache Englisch
Band-Nr. SSD 1
Seiten 116
Ausgabe 2002
This introduction to spatial planning in Germany represents the first volume in a new series to be published by the ARL in English under the general title “Studies in Spatial Development”. As Europe grows ever closer together, the aim of the present volume is to improve familiarity with, and understanding of, the German planning system both within Europe and beyond. This introductory text is based on the German component of the ARL’s “Handbooks of Planning Terminology”, a series of bi- and trilingual planning handbooks produced by the ARL in close co-operation with a host of partner organisations both in Germany and abroad. Beginning with introductory chapters on the constitutional structure and governance of the Federal Republic of Germany, this volume also includes a glossary of key planning terms in use in Germany, with concise explanatory notes.
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