Multilocal living and spatial development.

Multilocal living and spatial development.
ISSN 1611-9983
Sprache Englisch
Band-Nr. Positionspapier aus der ARL 123
Seiten 18
Ausgabe 2021

This position paper was compiled by the members of the Working Group on ‘Multilocal living and spatial development’ at the Academy for Territorial Development (ARL). In this position paper, the ‘Multilocal living and spatial development’ Working Group at the Academy for Territorial Development (ARL) discusses a current social phenomenon that has spatial implications at various levels: multilocal living arrangements, i.e. the practice of living alternately at different locations. Increasing numbers of people live at more than one location and establish spaces for their everyday activities at each location (residential multilocality).

This position paper is a translated version of the following publication: Akademie für Raumforschung und Landesplanung (ARL) (Hrsg.) (2016): Multilokale Lebensführung und räumliche Entwicklungen. Hannover. = Positionspapier aus der ARL 104.

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